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Gods and goddesses haunt the American campus!

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Jin Wang, a Chinese-American teenager, struggles to adjust to high school life. He doesn't want to be regarded as Asian. In order to avoid being looked down upon, he always likes to get along with white people. He also joins football clubs to improve his popularity and self-confidence. He even neglected his Indian friends because he wanted to please white friends.

One day a new transfer student came to the class, who was of Chinese descent like him, and the two became closer and became friends. One day, Wang Jin was told that the other party came from another world.

This boy is Wei Chen, the son of Sun Wukong, and he is strong in martial arts, handsome and confident. He decided that Wang Jin would be his guide and help him find a treasure.

In this way, they were involved in an oriental magical legend. It is also because of this that there are many weird people in the campus. These people are characters in the mysterious oriental myth world!