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Duty After School-Ready to fight!

1.Joseon Attorney

K-Drama·Ancient Costume(Release Date:2023/04/01)

Bad lawyers accidentally become benefactors of the people, and eventually grow into real justice lawyers!

2.Duty After School

K-Drama·Sci-Fi·Thriller(Release Date:2023/04/01)

The world is suddenly attacked by unknown life forms, high school students want to take up arms to fight?


Comedy(Release Date:2023/04/06)

Starring Steven Yeun and Ali Wong! A hilarious road rage incident between two strangers!


Action·Adventure·Fantasy(Release Date:2023/04/07)

A boy accidentally met a mysterious creature hiding in his grandfather's ranch, and started an unforgettable adventure?


Thriller(Release Date:2023/04/08)
Starring Aokbab, she was recruited into the celebrity chef team and discovered the dark side of the high-end restaurant industry!