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"The Glory" Actor Lee Do-hyun's new drama is coming!

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A young single mother raised her son alone. She pinned all her hopes on her son. She asks her son to work hard to become a prosecutor and avenge his murdered dad.

Her son secretly fell in love with the little girl who was born in the same year and the same month. A car accident caused the girl to be injured. In order to take care of the girl, he missed the college entrance examination that year. This further exacerbated the conflict between mother and child.

Growing up under the excessive pressure from his mother, although he became a prosecutor as he wished, he was increasingly unable to understand his mother's behavior. He ran out of control and did things that violated his mother's expectations, and even helped his father-killing enemy to do things, and obeyed the other party's arrangements! Is this his revenge plan or is it because he has completely lost his humanity?